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August 9th, 2007

Nikita Esco

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Nikita Esco

Top Asian Models
Name: Nikita Esco
Birth Date: February 23, 1983
Birth Place: Bremerton, WA
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity: Chinese and French
Weight: 104lbs/45kg
Hair:dark brown
Eyes:dark brown

Nikita Esco pictures are going to blaze up this website. It’s like everyday I have a new favorite Asian model and Nikita Esco is one of my favorite top Asian models in America. She is very popular among the import car modeling scene. Nikita Esco photos reveal a beautiful exotic Asian mix of Chinese and French. Nikita Esco gets her look from her mother, a famous actress, dancer & singer in Taipei, Taiwan.

Model Nikita Esco also does go-go dancing at popular night clubs like other popular models. If she had the choice to choose between modeling and go-go dancing, Nikita Esco said she would choose go-go dancing because that’s the only exercise she gets. She must get a lot of go-go dancing gigs, because she has a smoking hot body. Don’t worry, I’ve found Nikita Esco videos of her dancing:

Nikita Esco pictures found on her Myspace:


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6 Responses to “Nikita Esco”

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  3. What more can I say? A serious Lady, who enjoys what
    she is doing, & is doing a danm good job of it too!

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  5. Why are these girls acting like whores? They’re very pretty and very petite; if anything they surely can model in fitness magazines. I do search for models for a magazine that I help run. I also am in charge fo the final say as to who goes where and who is on the cover. I would never put any model in a magazine that makes such a public spectable of herslef. These girls are doing this because some “man” told them it will make their career. Girls, you need to work for women and have women spokespeople find you work, not men. All they are interested in is seeing boobs and butt. You have real talent, don’t waste it on this crap. The best, R.

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