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August 23rd, 2007

Tianna Ta

Vietnamese Girl

Tianna Ta

One of the Vietnamese girls representing and touring with Hot Import Nights right now: Tianna Ta. This 25 year old, Vietnamese beauty is 5’6″ tall; 115lb. weight; 34-24-34 measurements. Her hometown is Worcester, Massachusetts.



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14 Responses to “Tianna Ta”

  1. you are precius and good preety

  2. hi ilike u so much i want to be like you also,,, good luck ure so hoy and pretty love you beauty

  3. I am 35 yrs old male,looking for a female partner to hang out and serious relationship.

  4. Wow

  5. Tianna,
    Wow, I think you are so beautiful.I keep stumbling over my tongue hanging on the floor,I feel like a cartoon charactor in the cartoon from wylie cyotte,,hehe.
    I you succeed in your acting,modeling,entertainment asperations.
    Good Luck,
    Bob Lyrek

  6. nice boobs

  7. yo look so really pretty Tatiana!!!you re the best

  8. i like going to california just to see that chelsea is always near me no matter if i’m near the 5th battalion try8ing to find a way to take my heart and kill my sister and her family while they copacetically sleep in thier little barracks in Redondo near ManhattanBeach u know the ‘nice’ neighbourhood with all the deliquients that watch nothing but CounterStrike as the alternative to playing at the beach. just joking?


  10. She’s hot but I think BB MINH THUY is hotter! She’s half american, half Viet also found her at

  11. I think I’ve already seen her in some movie, and I think she’s an actress. I’ve also seen her profile in iStudio Models and she’s definitely a hot babe.

    - JenC

  12. Hot dang, she sure is absolutely gorgeous, inside &

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